Medical aid

Hospital Emergency Ward

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Hospital emergency ward

  • providing necessary emergency aid to patients reporting
  • examination and admission after patients are qualified for hospital treatment in adult and children's wards
  • monitoring and maintenance of vital functions
  • conducting cardiopulmonary-cerebral resuscitation
  • performing the full range of early diagnosis and initial treatment of injuries
  • initial treatment of poisoning
  • providing professional help in situations of immediate threat to life or health
  • taking actions in emergencies leading to limitation of health damage
  • providing services as part of night and holiday outpatient and outpatient services, medical and nursing care
  • close cooperation with other cells of the medical division (laboratory, X-ray) and the contract and settlement department
  • operation and maintenance of a helipad

Branch manager: phone: 16 677 50 21

Ward nurse: phone: 16 677 50 24

Admission room: phone: 16 677 50 19