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Zniesienie and Tatar's Barrow

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Zniesienie - The hill towering over the town, the name of which commemorates the defeat of the Tartars in this very place. The most famous point of Zniesienie is the mysterious Tartar’s Barrow (352 m above sea level). As legend says, it was built by the Tartars as a mound of the Khan who was killed in battle here. For many centuries, and maybe even millenniums, the Barrow has served as an important observation post in the defence system of the whole Przemyśl Land. 

A vast panorama of the Sandomierz Basin and San and Dniestr Plateau, as well as the Sanocko-Turczańskie Mountains and Przemyśl Foothills in the Carpathians can be observed from here. St Leonard’s Chapel has been standing on the Burrow since as early as the 16th century, at least. 

In the second half of the 19th century the Austrians erected some buildings on Zniesienie, as part of the internal circle of the Przemyśl Fortress. Battery XVI b “The Tartar’s Burrow” can be seen near to the Barrow, but the biggest object is fort XVI “Zniesienie”. It is formed by three entrenchments, connected together into one object that enabled a circular defence. The moats and earth embankments with intersections hiding emergency shelters and the ruins of a concrete bunker, blown up shortly before the surrender of the Fortress to the Russians in 1915 have been preserved here, among other things. 

A beautiful panorama of Przemyśl and its neighbourhood can be seen from the exposed fragments of the fort. Krzyż Zawierzenia (Cross of Trust) of 2000 can be seen near the fort. Near the TV Tower we can spot a Fortress gate, with the upper station of the ski slope, which was built in 2006 and has three routes, offering all-year-round attractions: a cable way and a tobogganing run.