Forty Fortress of Przemysl

Fort I „Salis-Soglio” in Siedliska

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SIEDLISKA Fort I „Salis-Soglio” in Siedliska was built between 1882 and 1886. It is an unusual example of an artillery fort, which, despite having been blown up on 22 March 1915 is one of the best-preserved and most attractive features of the outer ring of the Fortress of Przemyśl.

In the area of the fort the following items have survived: a brick entrance gate, barracks in the gorge part with casemates, ammunition stores and lift shafts, artillery emplacements and shelters for the crew on the rampart. The fort is situated only several dozen metres from the Ukrainian border. On its other side there are still six auxiliary forts of the described complex.

When visiting Fort I „Salis-Soglio” it is also worth seeing the nearby (on the way to Medyka) armoured fort XV „Borek” from 1897-1900. Both forts (like all the main forts of the outer ring of the Fortress) are part of the black tourist route and the fortress cycle route.