Forty Fortress of Przemysl

Fort XII Werner in Żurawica

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Fort XII „WERNER” in Żurawica. For years it was owned by the military and out of bounds for visitors. It was opened for tourists for the frst time in 2010. Fort „Werner” was erected in the years 1882 – 1886 and it belongs to the single defensive artillery ramparts. It is very well preserved. 

While touring the fort one can see entirely preserved neck barracks, where the museum exhibition is being set up, as well as an ammunition shelter, emergency shelters, a huge axial postern currently linking the main shelter with the moat and well preserved wall in the moat’s reverse slope. 
The „Werner” Fort is currently in private hands and is open to all visitors.
Fort XII „Werner“ w Żurawicy
ul. Forteczna 20, 37-710 Żurawica near Przemyśl