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The San River

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Przemyśl, situated upon the clear San, has a lot to offer lovers of water tourism.

The San River is one of the most beautiful rivers in Poland. In its upper reaches down to Przemyśl, the San is a mountain river, becoming a lowland river beneath Przemyśl. The “Blue San” Water Route was marked out on this main river in Podkarpacie. It can be divided into two sections. 

The first section runs from Zwierzyń to Przemyśl and is 158 km long; you can see there, among others, picturesque gorges of the longest river in the region, marking a natural border between Przemyśl and Dynów Foothills. The second section runs from Przemyśl up to the mouth of the Vistula River; it is 173 km long.
Apart from the uncontaminated nature and lovely views, you can also see interesting monuments along the whole length of the “Blue San” Water Route. You can stay at campsites and riverside hotels. Tourists can safely swim in the San in the very centre of Przemyśl during summer.