Museum of Przemyśl History Branch of the National Museum of Przemyśl Land Brzykowska Town House

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In 2005, a new museum - THE MUSEUM OF PRZEMYŚL HISTORY, a Branch of The National Museum of the Przemyśl Land, was opened. The address is easy to remember - RYNEK 9, the eastern frontage, a 16th century town house called Brzykowska from the surname Brzyk - one of the first owners. During the Second Polish Republic it was owned by the Bystrzycki family, the family which the famous writer Przemysław Bystrzycki came from.

The building was designed by an architect of Italian origin who settled in Przemyśl - Peter, who was simply called the Italian. It used to house merchants' stores, warehouses, residential premises for pharmacists, city councilors and tailors. Today, it houses a museum. 

In the Grand Hall on the ground floor (which used to be a presentable chamber) it is possible to admire a reconstructed Baroque stove and the remains of the 16th-century polychrome. In the staircase - a gallery of the Przemyśl crest and many old photos of Przemyśl. On the first floor you can see the interior of Przemyśl residential premises: a kitchen without windows, the solemn and dignified study of the master of the house, a lounge with windows looking out onto the main square. On the walls there are old paintings, in the corner - a piano, armchairs, sofas and a fireplace. The stylishly draped curtains, exquisite wallpapers and flowers introduce a mood of authenticity. The way leads from the lounge to the dining room and then to the bedroom.
Another exhibition is a photographic studio from one hundred years ago. Its patron is a Przemyśl master of the photographic art (the imperial and royal court photographer in Vienna), Bernard Henner. The equipment in the atelier consists of cameras, cabinets, tools, the darkroom and the studio itself with a real fountain - a background for photos on special occasions. 

The exhibition "The History of Przemyśl" presents the oldest times, archaeological items, Magyar traces in the history of Przemyśl (the grave of a Magyar knight buried together with his horse - from one thousand years ago), the era of Casimir the Great, Jagiełło, Baroque, the period of Austrian occupation and Przemyśl in the interwar period. 

On the top storey is an exhibition which synthetically presents the period of World War II, the Soviet occupation and, later, the German one. 

There is a stylish restaurant in the cellar of the house.