Important dates from the history of Przemyśl

Important dates from the history of Przemyśl

981     - the oldest note about Przemyśl

1340   - re-incorporation of the Przemyśl Land to Poland by Casimir the Great

1389 - 1 October, Przemyśl was re-founded based on Magdeburg law by Władysław Jagiełło

1657 - heroic defence of Przemyśl against the invasion of Rakoczy’s army

1667 - establishment of a public postal service with permanent connections with Cracow, Lviv and Lublin

1672 - beating of the Tartars’ camp near Kormanice by the townsmen of Przemyśl under the command of

           Father Gwardian from the Krystyn Szykowski Reformati Order

1772 - seizure of Przemyśl by the Austrian army

1854 - commencement of the construction of the Przemyśl Fortress

1859 - a Karl Ludwig railway line link from Cracow

1869 - establishment of the “Fredreum” Drama Society

1897 - discovery of a Byzantine intaglio - a magic amulet - from the 9th/10th century in Przemyśl

1908 - establishment of the frst pipe manufacturing plant by the Czech Wincenty Swoboda

1910 - establishment of the Museum of the Przemyśl Land

1914 - 26 September, the Russian Army surrounds the town

1915 - 22 March, capitulation of the Przemyśl Fortress

1918 - battles for Przemyśl, regaining independence, establishment of the Garrison of Przemyśl

1939 - break-out of WWII, town occupied by the German and Soviet armies

1975 - Przemyśl becomes the centre of the Przemyśl  Voivodeship

1979 - 12 June, Henryk Jaskuła sails on the “Dar Przemyśla” Yacht into the sea and returns after 344 days of solitary sailing without stopping in any ports

1989 - October, 600th anniversary - renewal of the Przemyśl Charter

1995 - The Council of Europe honoured Przemyśl with the European Flag

1999 - Przemyśl loses its role as a voivodeship town and gains the status of a town with district rights

2005 - 23 March, Przemyśl has another, apart from the coat of arms, symbol of its self-government - a flag of Przemyśl.

2018 - The Old Town complex in Przemyśl and the Przemyśl Fortress have been recognized as a "Historical Monument"

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