Church of the Basilian monks

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Basilian Eastern Orthodox Church (dedicated to Mary, Mother of God).

The history of the Basilian order in Przemyśl dates back to XIII century. In 1786, as a result of Josephians Decrees, the monastery was destroyed. It was reactivated in 1913, when a group of monks bought a real estate close to the Salesian street. Bishop Konstantyn Czechowicz began a construction of a monastery with chapel, and in 1933 an orthodox church. In 1935 the temple was consecrated (dedicated to Mary, Mother of God).

After the WW II the Basilian order had to leave the monastery which was along with the orthodox church taken by the Communist regime. The communists created a Regional National Archive inside of the church. On the 1st October 1991 the Basilian order had retaken the monastery and the orthodox church.

The Basilian order had officialy retaken the church and the monastery on 26 October 1996. Until 1999 the interior of the church was renovated, it received a new iconostasis, and new byzantine paintings covered the walls. In may 2000 the temple was reconsecrated.