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Nordic Walking (red route)

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distance (km) altitude m a.s.l.
Red route: length 6.9km, estimated walking time 1h 30min

This route, marked with red signs, creates a loop and is marked out along park alleys, footpaths, pavements and narrow streets of Przemyśl. The difference in altitude on the section between Castle Park and the Cross of Trust equals 100m.

The starting point is located next to the Gardener's House in Marian Stroński Castle Park.

Having done the warm-up shown on the exercise board we go uphill along the wide alleys of the revitalized Castle Park. After several minutes we reach the Upper Sanok Gate. It is part of Przemyśl Fortress remains of which will accompany us during the whole walk. The exercise board located here contains sets of exercises which you can do yourself. Depending on the need we can do the following types of exercises: coordination, jumping, strength or breathing. 

Having done the exercises we walk on uphill and between the remains of Fort no. XVIC 'Three crosses' we leave the Park. We climb steeply along the ski lift ( the steepest climb on the route) and reach Przemysława Street. We are on Zniesienie. From now on we are going to walk along tarmac and concrete surfaces so it is a good idea to put on asphalt paws on your poles. 

Passing the monumental Cross of Trust along the paths on Zniesienie we reach Tatar Barrow visible on the left. It is worth to climb the stairs and approach it. The additional effort will be compensated by the beatuful panorama of Przemyśl and the area.area It's one of the most favourite leisure spots for the inhabitants of Przemyśl and their guests and an obligatory item in the itinerary of those visiting Przemyśl. We come back to the route and in a moment we reach the pulse measurement point. 

Having measured the pulse,immediately next to the board (attention - we leave the alley here!) along a dirt path we go down to Grochowska Street. Following the route's signs, along Kruhelska street we go down along tarmac surface until we reach Sanocka Street. We turn right and along the pavement we reach the Castle Park, where we started our walk.

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