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Marian Stroński Castle Park in Przemyśl, covering almost 20 ha, is considered one of the most beautiful municipal parks in Poland. The history of the park, which is located on the hills running into the valley of river San, goes back to 1842. The trees and bushes have been planted in a specific style since XIX century, after the creation of Society for the Beautification of Przemyśl in 1890. The Society created park alleys, surrounded the pool and a stream called “Ciurek” with a wall.

In 1901 a neogothic gardener’s house was raised along with an orangery and a palm house, next to the park entrance.

A XVIII century Saint Mary wayside shrine was created in 1863, and in 1898 a figurine of sheperd was placed in the park. A bust of Tadeusz Kościuszko is located next to the figurine.
The west border of the park covers the Hill of Three Crosses (289 m AMSL) with an early middleage stronghold, on which the Austrians built a Fort XVI c “Three Crosses” in XIX century.

The crosses are situated on the park highest hill, from which one can view a panorama of the north-eastern foothills of Przemyśl, the valley of river San and the eastern border of Dynów foothills. Many tree and bush species can be found in the Castle Park, among which are: hard beam, oak, birchwood, white popple, thuja, maidenhair-tree, magnolia and chestnut. One can find also many bird species in the park. Visitors may find two specially designed routes in the park: blue route for pedestrians and red route for tourists connecting Przemyśl with the city of Sanok.