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Castle and Park in Krasiczyn

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Krasiczyn is a Late Renaissance castle situated in the southeastern corner of Poland, close to the historical city of Przemysl and not far from the Polish – Ukrainian border. It is a splendorous, baronial mansion which used to be inhabited by several Polish noble families. Every visitor will find it to be a perfect place for rest and relaxation.

The city of Przemyśl is situated 10 km from the castle. The region’s scenic landscapes are ideal for cycling, hiking and horse – riding, but even those not partial to active rest will be satisfied with the peacefulness and beauty of the area.

For amateurs of mountaineering, there is a range of picturesque landscapes of the Przemyśl Foothills and the Bieszczady Mountains. Those interested in history and architecture would undoubtedly enjoy a trip to a phenomenal and beautiful city of Lviv, located 90 km from Krasiczyn.

The castle in Krasiczyn is one of the greatest treasures of Renaissance in Poland and ranks among the most beautiful castles in Europe. It was built between the 16th and 17th century by Stanisław Krasicki and his son Marcin. 

The castle has two residential wings and two curtain walls crowned with an openwork attic. The four corner towers are called: Divine, Papal, Royal and Noble. Those names reflect the hierarchy of the world, as seen by the castle’s founders. The castle is covered with sgraffiti decorations depicting Polish kings, medallions with caesars’ busts, as well as biblical and hunting scenes. 

The castle was built by Krasicki family. Later on, the castle belonged to the Tarło, Potocki and Piniński families and – last but not least – the Sapieha family, who considerably contributed to the beauty of the park surrounding the castle. To begin with, they brought to Krasiczyn many exotic species of trees and shrubs. The sight of an enormous, blossoming tulip tree is truly unforgettable. According to a local tradition, an aged ginkgo biloba growing in the park has magical properties – if one walks around it three times, their wish will come true. The most valuable are family trees commemorating the births of the members of Sapieha family. A 19th century lime avenue as well as an upper pond area are favourite places for strolls for many visitors. 

The eastern gate leads to the courtyard where concerts are held during the summer. A special touristic attraction is a recently renovated 17th century chapel. It’s one of the most magnificent Late Renaissance chapels in Poland.

A perfect place to take a rest is the Castle Hotel with 51 comfortable rooms and suites located in four buildings: Former Coach House, Swiss Pavilion, Hunter’s Pavilion and the Castle itself. The Castle’s Restaurant is famous for its traditional polish cuisine and regional specialities. The most popular and well-known are a saddle of venison on a red cabbage, a lordly quail on potatoes and sour soup with sausage. 

The Park and Castle Complex in Krasiczyn is an excellent venue for arranging conferences, conventions, reunions and other types of meetings combined with leisure activities. A wedding held in the castle is an extraordinary experience which leaves participants with an unforgettable impression.

We offer our guests delicious cuisine and comfortable accommodation in the Castle Hotel. Our guests are always served in a cordial and friendly atmosphere by the highly professional and experienced staff.
The castle in Krasiczyn is a property of the Industrial Development Agency in Warsaw.
We hope that your visit to the castle in Krasiczyn will give you a lot of satisfaction and that this magical place will remain in your memory for a long time.