The Main Cemetery

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The Main Cemetery - founded ca. 1855. The "old" cemetery which was used until it was overfowing. The new one was given a symmetrical shape with the main alley leading to the chapel built in 1859. 

Around the chapel and on both sides of the alley there soon started to appear splendid gravestones of the major fgures of the 19th-century Przemyśl: high-ranking ofcers of the Austro-Hungarian army and civil service, dignitaries of the Roman and Greek Catholic Chapters, as well as eminent artists, scholars and fghters for independence. 
The surviving tombstones are of considerable artistic value. The most beautiful ones were made by the Lvov artists: Paweł Eutele, Johann Schimser, Ludwik Tyrowicz and Julian Markowski, whose names immediately bring to mind the Lvov cemeteries, particularly the Lychakiv Cemetery. Those tombstones are splendidly complemented with several dozen others from the early 19th century, transferred here from the old cemetery, the oldest of which dates back to 1806. The cemetery was developed several times. 
In the early 20th century its oldest, historic part was given the arrangement which has remained until modern times. Also, in 1909, the cemetery was separated from Słowackiego Street with an atrractive neo-Gothic railing. The layout of the cemetery, emphasized by the location on a folded hill slope, the variety of gravestone forms and the beautiful high-growing greenery doubtless make it one of the most beautiful cemeteries in Poland.