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Cultural Center in Przemyśl
37-700 Przemyśl, ul. Konarski 9
phone: 16 678 20 09

The Cultural Center in Przemyśl is a cultural institution of the Podkarpackie Province, which initiates and implements many interesting and valuable cultural and educational projects at local, regional and national level. These activities are related to various fields of art: music, literature, art, dance, film, theater and create conditions for confrontation, evaluation and exchange of experiences, revealing talents, as well as their popularization through competitions, concerts and performances. In addition, several dozen exhibitions are presented during the year, presenting various forms and styles of contemporary art and photography. One of the priority areas of the CK's operation is regional activity, focused mainly on folklore and folk art. There is also the "Centrum" Cinema in the CK, whose repertoire includes a wide film offer.

Detailed information can be found on the website