Przemyśl - the tourist heart of eastern Poland

Przemyśl is one of a select group of the oldest and the most beautiful Polish towns. Its thousand years of turbulent history have been inextricably linked with the fate of the whole Polish republic.

The town situated at the foot of the Carpathians, vaunting a wealth of more than a thousand monuments, enchants us with an unforgettable landscape of steep, narrow streets, adjoining historical buildings and old churches with towers that climb ever higher.

Souvenirs of great European history, the proximity of former Polish Borderlands and their exceptional atmosphere have made Przemyśl develop a specific climate throughout the ages, the one that many more bigger and seemingly more important towns cannot boast of. Its inhabitants, many of whom have been living there for several generations, their traditional hospitality, and their bold and implemented plans for the future have the result that Przemyśl gains attractiveness, becoming a main tourist centre in the Podkarpacie region.

Though Przemyśl lost the status of the biggest town within the said region a dozen or so years ago, it is still the seat of two archdioceses and unique museums, as well as a place of interesting cultural events. The neighbouring forts of the Przemyśl Fortress and the border with the Ukraine, the proximity of the Bieszczady, the Eastern Carpathians and Lviv – these are additional assets of Przemyśl that really earn it the right to be called a unique town.


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